Friday, November 1, 2013

Baby Prep and Pampering

Hi Everyone!

Now that I have a little more time on my hands (if you follow my YouTube channel, you know I have been placed on bed rest until further notice from my doctor) I decided it was a great time to start blogging again.  I am currently 28 weeks pregnant with baby number 3 and starting to get my lists together on things I need to get done before our little bundle gets here.

I thought I would share some of the things my husband and I need to do in the coming months:

1.  Research and order new travel system.  We pretty much saved all the baby gear from my 3 year old since we knew baby number 3 would eventually be in the plans.  The only thing I have to purchase is a stroller since we used our last one so much it pretty much fell apart.  I am conflicted whether to just get a stroller or an entire travel system since our car seats might not work with the new stroller.

2.  Buy some cute hospital photo shoot outfits for the baby.  One of these outfits will also be the coming home outfit.

3.  Make a list and get my hospital bag together.  I love having one ready to go and sitting by the door around the 32 week mark.  Some might think this is a little early but considering my situation and the fact that I had both my boys a couple weeks early, I figure its better to be safe.

4.  Freeze 2 weeks worth of meals for my family.  Even though my husband is an excellent cook and always eager to help out in the kitchen, I know he will have a lot on his plate after the baby gets here.  To make it easier on both of us, I will be freezing at least a couple weeks worth of meals.

5.  Shop and ensemble a postpartum pamper and care package for myself.  If you have been following my blog and YouTube channel, you know I am all about moms really taking care of themselves.  I don't believe in the "my kids come first no matter what" theory my mom believed it.  In some situations (the example I love to give for this is:  When the flight attendant asks you to place your own oxygen mask on before helping others.  You won't be of much help to your children or others if you are passed out!) it is necessary for you to be well before helping others!!

After both my boys I got postpartum depression and my doctor wanted to instantly prescribe drugs.  I declined both times and pampered myself back to health.  I don't believe in masking my symptoms but instead in nursing myself back to the best I can be.  It's important to take time out for yourself, while also giving your spouse some time to bond with the baby.  Since this has worked for me in the past, I plan on doing the same sort of self soothing this time around.

My postpartum care package will include things like:
*My favorite comfy clothes from Victoria's Secret to lounge around in at home after the baby.  I feel my best when I look my best.  It also helps to have some nice but comfy clothes on hand for when family, friends, and neighbors drop by to see the baby. I hate looking and feeling frumpy and I don't apologize for being this way.
*Some luxurious soaps, scrubs, and lotions from Sephora to make bath/shower time a mini spa experience.  It can be so hectic after a new baby that at times a shower is the only time your have to yourself.  I like making the most of these "mini vacations."
*My favorite pair of Tory Burch Thora sandals to wear out for quick trips out with or without the baby.  They are comfortable yet add a little bit of glam and chic to any outfit.

*Other than these things I also will have plenty of organic fruits and vegetables at home to juice and cleanse my body from the inside.

I think that's enough for today.  Will update you on any changes I make to these lists.

ps:  I have disabled comments here only because I get a lot of spam.  You can go to my Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram to comment or with any questions!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Blog Sale!!!

Blog Sale

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Friendly Bully Next Door

If you have been following my blog or YouTube channel for a while, you know that The Law of Attraction and positive thinking is not a fad but a religion to me.  I pride myself in living a very positive life and use my blog and channel to share it with others.  You have probably heard (or read) me say many times the importance of ridding our lives of people who bring us down. You know the ones I am talking about- the debbie downers, or constant one uppers.   People so toxic, they have the power to zap all our positive energy with a single brief encounter.

In the past few years I have been doing very good with letting toxic friendships go.  Even ending a 14 year old friendship that had taken a very negative turn over the years.  Despite this major "clean up" in my life, I find myself surrounded by a new type of nuisance.  I will call them "the friendly bullies next door."  These are the people that no matter how hard you try will not take no for an answer.  They have learned the art of bullying people into a friendship.  Often coming at you with things like "what's wrong? You don't want to talk to me anymore."  Or "are you ignoring me?"  Even going as far as guilting you by things like "I don't have any friends."  Lesson learned:  Beware of people who don't have any friends!  When you do talk to them, be prepared for the battlefield.  They will question your life choices, your relationships, your parenting skills, yet insist on always hanging out or doing things together.   Forget about ever getting them to accept you for the way you are.

Unfortunately, I have a few people in my life that I know are toxic, but they have mastered the art of guilting me into spending them with them.  Time that will often leave me with a major headache afterwards because I have spend the day either defending myself or trying to cheer them up.  Nothing is ever good enough for them, complaining has become second nature.  I learned a long time ago that it is not worth the effort in trying to "fix" or "cure" them of their disease.  If only I could muster up enough courage to actually say "Yes, I'm ignoring you and no we can't hang out" the next time they ask!

How do you handle such situations?  Do you have toxic people in your life?  Join the discussion at

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